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Review: Ghost Atlas – All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about.

‘All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’ is the debut album from ERRA’s Jesse Cash’s music project, Ghost Atlas which is released this week. The album certainly has potential going by tracks like ‘Cry Wolf’ are anything to go by, which you can give a listen to now through YouTube here.

There are some powerful tracks on this record, but tracks such as ‘Legs’ stand out for the sheer force of the track. A sultry song that delivers melodically throughout, it has perfect timing which builds and slows to perfection from the start. The quality of the melodies continues on tracks such as ‘NightDrive’ too, as the guitars introduce us to a track that is paced perfectly.

Tracks such as ‘Legs’ stand out for their choruses, however this album has a raw feel to the lyricism that partnered with the melodies works so well. The drums add to the huge choruses Cash delivers, creating drama with ease throughout. Tracks such as ‘Mirror Room’ deliver huge vocals from Cash with powerful writing that sounds so good and that lyrical genuineness continues on ‘Scout’s Honor’ – comparing these tracks really highlights the versatility of Cash’s vocals.

I like the melodies throughout this record, but what really stands out is Cash’s voice that just works on these tracks, harmonising from start to finish – this is what makes this album original and what makes it such a great listen. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Scout’s Honor’, ‘Legs’ and ‘Rabid Dog’.




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