Review: Motion Cntrl – Envision EP.

Motion Cntrl last week released their new EP, Envision. Hailing from LA, this duo create an incredible Dream Pop sound that needs to be heard which is reminiscent of musicians such as Beach House or Phantogram. You can give a listen to the EP now in full through Soundcloud here.

A moody record from the start, Motion Cntrl bring in dark and sensuous melodies from the beginning. ‘Night After Night’ brings those deep beats that work perfectly and that continues on ‘Across The Divide’ where those beats really work with a blend of synth that this band really weave together incredibly well.

Those melodies combined with the vocals really make these songs superb. Allyce’s voice is stunning and gently works with the sound the duo create throughout this record. Songs such as ‘In The Dream’ stand out for their silky vocal that works with the melody perfectly – this band have a great sound that is enhanced by the delivery of emotional lyricism that works with the record throughout.

An EP that highlights some incredible vocals and great melodies, Motion Cntrl have an EP that makes for an incredible listen. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Across The Divide’ and ‘Another Life’. ‘Another Life’ highlights the blend of male/female vocals and that tone this band really make their own on this record that makes this EP stand out as much as it does.


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