Review: New York Electric Piano – State Of The Art.

State Of The Art is the new album from New York Electric Piano, which comes out this Friday through Fervor Records. Began in 2003 as a classic piano trio built around the sound of the Fender Rhodes electric piano, New York Electric Piano continue to create great music. You can listen to track, ‘Mama Bear Love Army’ from the album here.

Creators of some great melodies, New York Electric Piano highlight these on this new album.  Title track  ‘State Of The Art’ certainly makes the case for this as twinkly piano sounds in combination with some Cymbal work in all the right moments make this a stand out track. The band know how to bring in different sounds to create some excellent beats which makes this record such an easy listen.

The darker tones of ‘Reverence’ certainly contrast with State Of The Art. A darker mood bringing in drum beats, subtle guitars and piano sounds that spark in the sound, the track certainly shows the range of tones this trio create together. The track has an intensity to it that keeps building to the end. This album doesn’t really have a theme, the shift to the ‘cool jazz tune in a late night bar’ track of ‘Mama Bear Love Army’ is odd, but awesome.

A collection of tracks that make for a great listen, State Of The Art is an intriguing listen that keeps delivering until the very end. Highlights for me are ‘State Of The Art’ and ‘Dig The Whole’.


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