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Review: Mary Gauthier – Rifles & Rosary Beads.

This week Mary Gauthier releases her new album, Rifles & Rosary Beads via Proper Records. Co-written with families of US Veterans and their families, this album is made of eleven personal tracks that make for an emotional but excellent listen. You can give listen to one of the tracks ‘The War After The War’ now through Facebook here.

There is some great lyricism throughout this record, tracks such as ‘Bullet Holes In The Sky’ stand out for those reasons. It’s a catchy little chorus, however the emotion really of those verses pull you in, the honesty to it and delivered by this raw but gentle voice really makes you pay attention – Gauthier is a tremendous talent and it shows here.

Melodically this album keeps it simple with acoustic melodies, but these are acoustic melodies at their finest. Tracks such as ‘Brothers’ have nice bouncy energy to them that makes for a stand out track, in contrast however are the sincere tracks such as ‘It’s Her Love’ that bring these lilting guitar sounds that really strike your heart with powerful emotion.

A stunning record that feels honest and leaves an impact, Rifles & Rosary Beads is an amazing collection of songs that captures the soldier experience with intensity from the beginning to the end, just listen to tracks such as ‘Still On The Ride’ to really see this. It’s difficult to pick out tracks on this record that stand out but for me, but ‘Brothers’, ‘Bullet Holes In The Sky’  do and finishing track ‘Stronger Together’ ends this record perfectly.



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