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Review: Harker – No Discordance.

ND-Front.jpgHarker this week release their new album, No Discordance through Disconnect Disconnect / Shield Recordings / Wiretap Recordings / Fond of Life. Following up from their EP, A Lifetime Apart, Harker come back with a record that sets an even higher standard. You can give a listen to first single ‘300 Cigarettes’ now through Soundcloud here.

Rough and ready from the start of the album, No Discordance is an album that is reminiscent to me in ways of bands such as Hostage Calm and I don’t think that’s ever been a bad thing. Bouncy riffs play throughout the album with drums that drive these tracks brilliantly – this shows on tracks such as ‘Nancy Downs’ where those two work together to make for one hell of a track.

The vocals work with the raw sound of the album. A clean but sharp vocal works brilliantly with the melodies on this record throughout with a way of bringing the emotion of the lyricism to the fore in the best way – ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Lower Ground’ are too songs that prove this emphatically, the band unleashing that raw emotion to perfection on tracks such as these and make for powerful and brilliant listens.

An album packed with energy and biting lyrics, Harker return with a fantastic album that highlights their skill of making songs that keep it real and melodies that keep your attention – this is a band I already need to hear more from if this is what they create. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Lower Ground’, ‘Drive At Night’ and ‘300 Cigarettes’ – however this is an album that needs to be heard.



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