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Review: Astrid Sonne – Human Lines.

Album Art.jpg

Human Lines is the new album from Astrid Sonne, which is released this week through Escho, the debut album from this young avant-garde composer and producer. Astrid Sonne is a classically trained musician who recently fell in love with electronic composition and the possibilities of her computer as an instrument and it shows on this record.

Sonne knows how to create an intense and intriguing sound. Exploring different beats and melodies, Sonne creates intense pieces of music from the beginning of the album. The building rumble on tracks such as ‘Real’ blended with the growing layers of vocals makes for a track that makes you pay attention – something of a theme on this album.

This depth of sound continues on the record throughout. The vocals are used delicately throughout the album used and blended with the melodies well, keeping it simple, airy and light, as the sounds bring that heaviness to the album particularly on tracks such as ‘Waw’. Sonne has experimented well on this record, each piece working together to create one large creative process that works with the incredible Synth sounds.

An interesting concept of an album, Astrid Sonne is just beginning creating music in this way, however in moments it doesn’t show at all, as these songs grow into dramatic melodies that sweep you up as they continue to grow around you. This album certainly makes for a feast for the ears throughout, particularly ‘A Modular Body’ and ‘Real’.



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