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Review: Leilani Wolfgramm – Live Wire.

Photo Credit: Anthony Kimata

Live Wire is the forthcoming record from Reggae/R&B infused musician, Leilani Wolfgramm who self releases her new record this week. Just recently on tour with The Green, Leilani Wolfgramm delivers emotionally charged vocals that are a highlight of this record. You can give a listen to track ‘The Trail’ now through YouTube here.

Wolfgramm’s voice on this record is incredible. The soft tones on ‘The Trail’ are stunning, but the feisty attitude on following track ‘Sinner’ contrasts beautifully with this. Sharp and honest, Wolfgramm delivers an amazing sound on this record with infectious moments and lyricism that tells a story with real and rare brilliance, just listen to ‘Heaven’.

Melodically strong, they match up with the Reggae-influenced, Pop moments that Wolfgramm creates throughout this record. Creating fantastic grooves that live will sound so good they have an energy that is going to work so well in person. Tracks such as ‘Without Condition’ are the perfect Saturday night track that needs to be on your going out playlist. In contrast ‘Bipolar’ is waking up on the Sunday Morning, it’s a versatile and great album.

A gorgeous record that highlights Leilani’s hypnotic tone, stunning creativity with melodies and big hooks, these are ready to be stuck in your head for a long time to come. There are so many highlights on this record, but for me the tracks that stand out are ‘Warzone’, ‘Sinner’ and ‘Bipolar’.



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