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Review: Barely Civil – We Can Live Here Forever.


Barely Civil this week release their new album, We Can Live Here Forever through Take This To Heart Records. A band with incredible potential, Barely Civil reflect on their youth in a real and honest way on this record to perfection, as you can hear on ‘Super 8//Marathon’ through Gold Flake Paint here.

Heavy is the head that bares the ‘new Death Cab’ mantra, however this band really do have the posture for it. Cool melodies with subtle tones and building sounds, this band really create some incredible songs on this record that are difficult to forget. ‘RE: Your Lungs’ for example really allows this band to showcase sublime riffs and a darker tone that stands out on this record.

Erickson’s vocals are slow, methodical and build drama into these songs. Tracks such as ‘Handwritten House’ and ‘Stark’ are certainly proof of this on the record as this band harmonise perfectly, crafting heavy tones and raw vocals together. The writing is infectious and keeps you listening throughout, this band perfecting that Mid Western Emo vibe on this record. Its an album to fully take it all in needs to be played on repeat a few times, not that you will mind doing that at all.

Stunning melodies and writing that catches you, Barely Civil on We Can Live Here Forever deliver great things from beginning to end, this is a record that anyone would be proud to have as a debut album. Highlights for me are the melodic ‘I Am Drowning’, the pacey tune of ‘You With a Cape, Me With a Baseball Bat’ and track ‘I’ve Been Getting Headaches Lately’ which opens this record perfectly.



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