Review: Sleep In Heads – On The Air.



On The Air is the debut album from Sleep In Heads which is released this week through Noizr. This atmospheric Prog Rock band from Ukraine are just getting started on this record with dreamy musical landscapes and great grooves that have to be heard. You can give a listen to an album teaser now here.

There is no denying this band have an incredible way with melodies. ‘Vagrant’ can certainly vouch for this, with its swirling and building sounds and its heavy feel, ‘Vagrant’ highlights what this band can do at the start of the record and that vibe continues throughout. ‘Secret Shelter’ opens with a stunning Piano melody that builds as the track goes on, bringing in layer after layer of great sounds.

Paired with these melodies is the voice of Sonya, the fantastic lead vocalist and lyricist for Sleep In Heads. Powerful vocals that are reminiscent in moments of someone like Jenna McDougall, Sleep In Heads have a vocalist that delivers vocally and lyrically. The writing is strong and packs a punch on these tracks, particularly ‘Time Like The Sand’ which highlights that vocal but also some huge hooks and a dramatic melody that goes off on this track – this is a record designed to be played very loudly.

A dramatic EP that highlights what Sleep In Heads can do, On The Air is certainly a captivating and brutal listen from the beginning. Big riffs and building melodies, I’ll certainly keep an eye on this band as they continue progressing in their sound. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Secret Shelter’ and ‘Blue Fear’.



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