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Review: Malina Moye – Bad As I Wanna Be.

Malina Moye this week releases her new album ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’ through WCE Records.  An empowering record that is released during the biggest change in Hollywood when it comes to women in the media, this album comes at a great time. You can give a listen to the title track now through YouTube here.

Moye’s talent on a guitar is incredibly evident throughout this album. Creating awesome grooves from the top of the record, they bring a fantastic energy to songs such as ‘Something 2 Say’ but a chilled groove on songs such as ‘Woman 2 Woman’ that really work with the Soul vibe of the song and it sounds so good – the supporting vocals also working with Moye’s voice perfectly.

‘Bad As I Wanna Be’ also  highlights the power of Malina’s vocals, tracks such as ‘If 6 Was 9’ is certainly proof of this, her soft tone delivering in the verses, but really powering up in the chorus to deliver it, working well with the melodies. Whereas ‘Woman 2 Woman’ highlights a rich, soft Soul sound that is such an easy listen, and that continues on closing track ‘Enough’ too.

An album that highlights Moye’s fantastic way with a guitar and a vocal that is second to none, ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’ showcases just what Malina Moye can do. Highlights for me on this record are the final track ‘Enough’ that highlight the vocals and ‘Betta Than U’ which picks up the pace with that riff which needs to be played loudly.

You can give a listen to single, ‘Betta Than U’ below.


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