Review: Jenny Van West – Happiness To Burn.

Jenny Van West this week releases Happiness To Burn. The follow Up To Her Award-Winning Album, Something Real , the record consists of 10 vocally driven originals that fuse folk, rock, swing and country brilliantly. You can listen to the title track from the album now through YouTube here.

With a way of creating fantastic melodies throughout the record, Van West’s talent shines on every song. From the acoustic moments in ‘Never Alone’ that highlight that voice to the Swing melodies of opening track ‘Happiness To Burn’ it’s an album filled with sounds that are difficult to dislike. Guitars are highlighted and the drumwork that gives these songs an easy listening feel work from the start.

An incredible voice that delivers on every song, the words are poignant and honest just like her voice throughout – this album is about sharing something personal with lyrics that make you think and make you feel them. Songs such as ‘Can’t Have You Now’ and ‘Thresholds’ are certainly proof of this, the tracks next to one another on the album make for double the emotional pull.

A stunning record that shines a light on personal stories and happy moments, Van West delivers another wonderful record, lyrically and melodically. Keeping it simple with fantastic guitars and stunning sounds that bring the thoughtfulness of the record to life. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Happiness To Burn’,  ‘Never Alone’ and ‘Embers’.



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