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Review: Kississippi – Sunset Blush.

Sunset Blush Pink Square.jpg

Currently on tour across the US with Dashboard Confessional and Beach Slang (tour goals, much?) Kississipi recently released their new album Sunset Blush in the UK through Alcopop! Records and what an album it is. You can give it a listen now to the album in full through Spotify here.

Where has this band been all my life? A band that harnesses melodies perfectly throughout this record, raising the tempo with real genius and taking them down with ease, this band craft a fantastic sound throughout this record. Tracks such as ‘Cut Yr Teeth’ are perfect examples of how this band craft the incredible melodies, the Grungey sound perfected on songs such as this.

The vocals are at ease with the melodies throughout this album, harmonising with the Synth moments on songs such as ‘Red Light’ and then the bouncy energy of the drums on tracks such as ‘Mirror Kisser’. The voice is so versatile and the layers of vocals on tracks such as ‘Mirror Kisser’ really make the lyrics work with the track with such sophistication.

A band with a flair for the dramatic, Kississippi make a record that makes you pay attention and you will not regret it. Crafting fantastic Synth melodies and dark beats together with incredible quality, Sunset Blush is a record that keeps on giving until the very end of the record. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Cut Yr Teeth’, ‘Mirror Kisser’ and ‘Shamer’ which has a haunting but albeit uplifting chorus that I love every second of.



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