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Review: Only Bricks – Foundation EP.

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Only Bricks recently released their new EP, Foundation. The duo based out of California release their debut record that’s packed with Pop melodies and songs that tell of love and connection – and it’s makes for an amazing listen. You can listen to the EP now through Spotify here.

This duo really have pop hooks covered on this record. Uplifting with a lovely energy, this band work together so well from start to finish when it comes to the sound and harmonising the vocals. Tracks such as ‘(Your Love Gets Me) High’  have huge, infectious choruses that are perfect for Summer and such easy listening.

Pairing with these hooks and stunning vocals are the melodies. Melodically sound, this record has some nice moments on tracks such as ‘Helpless’ where the emotion of the lyrics really is backed up by the sound the two create. Whereas on tracks such ‘Afterthought’ some awesome beats come in that really highlight the impressive vocals on this record, the two harmonising beautifully.

Foundation is well, a really good foundation record, highlighting the talent of Only Bricks in creating lush melodies and highlighting the incredible tone of the vocals throughout this record. Highlights for me on this record are ‘California’ and ‘Afterthought’ where the harmonies just really shine and make for some really great listens.




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