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Review: SONI withanEYE – Rebel.

SONI withanEYE recently released her album, Rebel. A gifted DJ who on this album works with Questlove and Mobb Deep just to name two, Soni is an incredible artist who takes inspirations from hip hop, rock, funk, soul, new wave and it makes for a great sound. You can watch the video for ‘Rebel’ now here.

Soni has an incredibly versatile voice that’s used brilliantly from the top of the record. The soft tones on tracks such as ‘Coming From Queens’ really highlight an incredibly smooth voice that is just so easy to listen to, but then bringing real vocal bite on tracks such as ‘Rebel’ that sounds just as good and makes for one of the many highlights on this record. Not to mention this song has such a great beat.

Throughout Rebel the melodies really bring these songs to another level. Catchy hooks abound but are driven forward by huge beats on tracks such as ‘Substance’ and the big Pop melodies on tracks such as ‘Can’t Get Enough’ are so much fun to listen to – these songs arrived at the perfect time, these are songs for drives on sunny days, and these should be on repeat. Especially songs such as ‘Gonna Miss My Love’ which sounds like a carnival in musical form.

A fantastic listen from start to finish, with cool melodies and awesome hooks, Soni really delivers throughout this album with some excellent collaborators that really add to these fantastic tracks. Highlights for me are ‘Gonna Miss My Love’, ‘Back And Forth’ and ‘Rebel’ which proves why it’s the first single.



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