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Review: Rachael Sage – Myopia.

Rachel Sage this week releases her new album, Myopia. Sage wields her signature piano + vocal stylings throughout this record in combination with her incredible guitar skills and does it with brilliance, taking inspiration from musicians such as Patti Smith and Kate Bush. You can get a flavour of the album now through YouTube now here.

Sage has a stunning voice, and it is on display beautifully on this record. Delivering delicate lyricism on songs such as ‘Spark’ with such gentleness it makes for a stunning listen and that runs like a vein throughout this album. ‘No One Is To Blame’ continues that feeling and partnered with these subtle guitar melodies these songs hit with a wave of emotion perfectly.

The melodies Sage creates throughout this album never falter. Upbeat melodies on songs such as ‘Olivia’ stand out however each new song replaces your highlight when it comes to the sound of the album.  The dark mood of ‘Sympathy Seed’ is surprising after the sweetness of the tone of ‘Myopia’ however it sounds so good, those strings working in the background add to the drama of the track perfectly here.

An album of two halves, where Sage highlights darker moments and then easy and lovely melodies, Myopia really is the perfect name for it as this album does not have a single focus and unlike myopia, not a bad thing. A gorgeous voice that can adapt to any sound on this record, it makes for an incredible listen. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Spark’, ‘Maybe She’ll Have Cats’ and ‘This Darkness’.



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