Review: Emma Hern – Self Titled EP.

Emma Hern this week releases her new self-titled EP. A notable rising stars in the Nashville scene, Hern’s vocals have garnered comparisons to Grace Potter and ZZ Ward, while the style of the songs themselves bring together a blend of different genres including modern pop, retro rock and soul and makes for a great listen.

Emma Hern is a powerhouse and these songs are certainly proof of it. ‘Stole My Heart’ has the classic country vibes and her voice gives them a modern feel as she launches into this song with a drive and passion that makes for such a great tune. In contrast the gentle melodies on tracks such as ‘Fool Who Should Have Known’ compliment the easy sound of her voice on this song, beautifully.

Melodically this record has its infectious moments and easy beats running throughout it that highlight the power of the vocal Hern delivers every time. ‘Say Yes’ rounds off this EP with energetic moments and dramatic beats as each song does it’s best job to make it your new favourite track here. ‘Love Is Killing Me’ opening this record has a great sound that keeps going on throughout the EP.

A fun, honest EP, Emma Hern proves here why she is a musician to watch on her self-titled. A record that works perfectly together, these four tracks are hard to pick favourites from, as she brings a nice blend of Country, Pop and Rock that sounds so good.


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