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Review: Columbus – A Hot Take On Heartbreak.

Image result for a hot take on heartbreak A band that has released one of the hidden gems of 2018, Columbus released their new album today, A Hot Take On Heartbreak through UNFD. Following up from their excellent EP, Columbus bring their angst to a new record with the fantastic pop punk melodies they consistently create. You can listen to the album now on Spotify here.

‘Don’t Know How To Act’ was the first single and opens this record with the right pop of energy, but there is also a rare naivety to these songs that Pop Punk does not see all that often and I kind of like it when Columbus does it on tracks such as this. The lyricism that Columbus brings to their records is always infectious but honest, and that shines on this record.

Melodically this band feels a lot less pacey compared to their peers in their genre and it works for them on this record. The excellent guitars give this record an easy bounce that makes tracks such as ‘Care At All’ and ‘Feelin’ Low’ so enjoyable, the drums driving through in all the right moments that make this record the perfect Pop Punk album for the Summer ahead.

An album where you can practically feel the heart strings snap, Columbus deliver a record that is melancholic lyrically, with melodies that have a nice pace – sure in it’s moment this band could do more with some of these songs, however there are some real gems on this album that live are going to sound so good. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Don’t Know How To Act’, ‘Feelin’ Low’ and ‘Give Up’.




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