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Review: Soft Science – Maps.

Soft Science - Maps (cover).jpg

Maps is the new record from Soft Science, which is released this week through Test Pattern Records. For fans of bands such as My Bloody Valentine orThe Go-Go’s, Soft Science create their own style of Dream-Gaze and do it incredibly well. You can give a listen to first single from the album ‘Undone’ now through Bandcamp here.

A band with a stunning grasp on melodies, this band blends synth sounds and smooth riffs together to create some fantastic songs. Tracks such as ‘There’ for example highlight this band’s high standard as they create fantastic rhythms and use subtle drumwork that gives this song a bounce that makes for such a great listen. That flare for melody continues on tracks such as ‘Know’.

With these melodies are the incredible vocals. Katie Haley has a gorgeous tone throughout this album delivering soft notes that harmonise incredibly well with the big sounds this band create. A powerful voice that works so well throughout, ‘Still’ is a great song that exemplifies this with a huge chorus that makes this song one of the highlights of Maps.

A record that has such a massive sound running through it, this band build synths that work so well with Haley’s vocals from the start, making Maps a great listen from beginning to end. Moments of Pop, Rock and Alternative, Maps is an album of diverse styles but they all work so well together. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Breaking’ and ‘Still’.



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