May Round Up.

Back once again, with fourteen new videos and five songs that really stood out in the month of May. Including new songs from Against The Current, Maypine and Kinkajous.

My five stand out singles for May:

  1. Kady Rain – ‘It Wasn’t Just The Roses’ (x) – An incredible track with an important message, I love her voice and this song’s melody is brilliant, a must listen to song.
  2. Dearly – ‘Get With You Alone’ (x) – A moody track with a stunning vocal, Dearly has an awesome track here that is meant to be heard.
  3. Kinkajous – ‘Jupiter’ (x) – Beautiful and well crafted melodies that need be listened to, Kinkajous return with a stunning new single.
  4. Ava King ‘I Don’t Wanna Have Sex’ (x) – Sassy and cool, Ava King creates a great beat and an awesome chorus that makes for such an amazing listen.
  5. Lana Blac – ‘Suck You In’ (x) – A huge rock tune to be played loudly, Lana Blac delivers on this track throughout. Packed with a raw riff and synth moments that make you pay attention.

What have you loved this month? Let me know in the comments.

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