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Review: You Know The Drill – Selfhood.

YKTD Artwork Selfhood.jpg

You Know The Drill this week release their new EP, Selfhood through Scylla Records. One of the finest Pop Punk bands coming up in the British Scene, they prove once again on their new record. You can give a listen to Snake Eyes now through YouTube here featuring Joey Fleming of In Her Own Words.

Filled to the top with frantic energy, with riffs that bounce through these records and drums that just add to the incredible sound this band create. Selfhood certainly showcases what this band can do and that is create fantastic melodies that live are going to sound so good -‘Homesick’ in particular highlights this particularly.

To go with these melodies are the incredible vocals of Yapp which are excellent as they drive these raw tracks forward, particularly on opening track ‘Overcast’ where the vocals grab you, and with a huge chorus such as this, it’s a fantastic start to the EP. ‘Snake Eyes’ is also excellent and with the contribution of Joey Fleming its an excellent choice for first single as the raw vocal compliments the melodies.

Another strong EP from a band on the rise, You Know The Drill bring more rumbunctious melodies and awesome vocals to light here on Selfhood. Plenty of highlights but for me ‘Snake Eyes’ and ‘Blossom’ are the tracks where this band really start to shine.



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