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Review: Chin Up, Kid – Self Titled.


Chin Up, Kid return this week a with their new self titled album released through Standby Records. The follow up to ‘Swing With Your Eyes Closed’, Chin Up Kid’s self titled sees them create tracks that get them comparisons to bands such as State Champs. Give a listen to track ‘Wasted’ now here.

Chin Up, Kid certainly have picked their sound and run with it on this record and it makes for a powerful sound from the moment this album jump starts into action. Packed with frantic and awesome melodies on tracks such as ‘Corners’ and ‘Wasted’ this band certainly bring bouncy riffas and melodies that are ready to go off live, and it makes for an awesome listen.

Josh Cox is a fierce vocalist throughout this record. Delivering every word with the strength of a bulldozer, this lead really matches the high standard of the melodies on this album. ‘Give And Take’ for me really exemplifies this as he drives these raw choruses home with a ferociousness that with these melodies sounds so good.

So many highlights on this record, with incredible collaborations that make up the final tracks of this record, Chin Up, Kid come back with an album that highlights just how good they are and how well they can work with different styles, for example ‘III.III.MMXIII’ featuring Rap from Reis and ‘Drop Dead Over You’ featuring Liz Mauritz of Gold Steps, make for such great songs on this album. Other highlights for me are ‘Give And Take’ and ‘Eye For An Eye’ featuring TarXanTelly.



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