Review: Marcelyn – Indignities & Depravities.

Marcelyn recently released her album, Indignities & Depravities. A vocalist that has been training her voice from a young age and a musician who can create an album with a multitude of genres, this is a talent not to be ignored. You can give a listen to the album now through Spotify here.

Marcelyn has a beautiful voice. A voice that delivers honest and raw lyricism in moments, these songs really are delivered in a way that is difficult to forget. The use of vocals on tracks such as ‘Stained Glass Ceilings’ is done to perfection with backing vocals that add to the energy of the track and work so well with her powerful vocal.

To partner this voice are some great melodies. Songs such as ‘Matches’ have lovely guitar melodies and subtle percussion  that stand out for their excellent simplicity. That continues on songs such as ‘Treading Water’ which highlights the softness of the vocal beautifully, Marcelyn shines in moments such as these.

A record that is just so easy to listen to, with the lovely melodies and a vocalist that harmonises with ease on these songs, Marcelyn has such a talent that is just beginning to bloom. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Elephant In The Room’ which is body-positive brilliance on this record and ‘Stained Glass Ceilings’.


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