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Review: Wild Rivers – Eighty Eight.

Wild Rivers recently released their new EP, Eighty Eight. A fun folk group out of Toronto, the band create fantastic melodies in combination with some stunning vocals that make for some fine ‘folk ‘n’ roll’. You can listen to the EP in full now through Spotify here.

These songs are made up of some fantastic choruses, the band create something infectious throughout this EP. On tracks such as ‘A Week Ago’ and ‘I Won’t Be Back’ this band create hooks that will be stuck in your head for days and with such a powerful voices delivering them, you will not mind for a second – this band deliver every word perfectly, and with the melodies, these songs are on another level.

Accompanying the fantastic lyricism, Wild Rivers back them up with glorious melodies. The band have a focus on acoustic work and it sounds so good throughout this record. ‘Howling’ has a nice energy with guitar work that lifts this song up and lets it shine on Eighty Eight. In contrast to this we have moody, melancholic vibes of ‘Call It A Night’ that hit you with the emotion from the moment it begins.

A stunning EP from start to finish, Wild Rivers create a record that was such a joy to listen to. Fantastic melodies and male and female vocals that work together so well, this is a band I definitely am going to keep an eye on as I want so much more. Highlights for me are ‘Howling’ and ‘I Won’t Be Back’.



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