Review: Catbath – Glitterbox.

Glitterbox is the new album from Catbath, which was released this July. Hailing from Minneapolis, Catbath create songs that are completely eclectic and are a little peek into how people live their lives. You can give a listen to the album in full now through Bandcamp and watch the video for highlight ‘Scuttlebutt’ now here.

This band bring a diverse range of sounds to their album. With breakneck, pacey tracks such as ‘We’ll Wait, Come Home’ and then moving on to tracks such as ‘Hoarder’ this band certainly make clear they will not fit into a box, and you wouldn’t want it any other way as they go into almost Country territory on the track.

Catbath also use different vocals throughout. The male and female vocals on the record work together really well on tracks such as ‘Ta Da’ where the softer vocals work up front but also supporting in the background – the female/male vocals work together brilliantly on this track especially on the chorus which is incredibly infectious. That infectiousness carries on on tracks such as ‘Jellyfish’.

A musical odyssey, Glitterbox highlights for me just how much you can do on one album as this band bring in different sounds and influences together to make for a unique and fascinating record that doesn’t stop pulling you in from the moment it begins. Songs that stand out for me on this album are ‘Hoarder’, ‘Jellyfish’ and ‘Scuttlebutt’ which finishes this album in fantastic fashion.


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