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Review: Boston Manor – Welcome To The Neighbourhood.


Boston Manor this week release their new album, Welcome To The Neighbourhood via Pure Noise Records. Building on from last album ‘Be Nothing’, Boston Manor continue to show they are on the path to greatness on their new album. You can give a listen to ‘Halo’ from the album now through YouTube here.

This band don’t let up, I can tell you. Brutal from the moment the record begins, Boston Manor pack a punch vocally and lyrically throughout this album with huge choruses delivered by Henry Cox blisteringly. Tracks such as ‘Funeral Party’ are perfect examples of this as this band bring together powerful melodies with Cox’s voice which tear through this song in all the right ways.

Melodically this band continue to flourish and Welcome To The Neighbourhood makes this abundantly clear throughout. Opening with the title track and moving on to tracks such as ‘Digital Ghost’ and ‘Bad Machine’ (easily one of my favourite songs on this album) this band explore new sounds but stay true to their roots brilliantly on their new album, the band creating moody, dark but raw songs that just keep giving until the very end of the record.

Agressive, Powerful and brilliant from beginning to end, Welcome To The Neighbourhood continues this band’s ascent to greatness and I’m so glad I get to witness it. Rough and ready riffs and fantastic vocals, Boston Manor is a band that keeps going from strength to strength. Highlights for me are ‘Bad Machine’, ‘If I Can’t Have It No One Can’ and ‘Funeral Party’.



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