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Review: Jakals – Bat Brains EP.

Bat Brains is the newly released EP from Jakals. A band who in their own words ‘fuse melodic, driving instrumentals with soul-aching vocals to form a 90s-inspired yet uniquely passionate sound’ on this record, they really nail that description. You can give a listen and more importantly purchase the EP right now through Bandcamp here.

Solomon really has such an impressive vocal on this EP. Raw and powerful from the beginning on ‘Porcelain’ her voice ascends into raw high notes that work incredibly well with this band’s sound. With this voice she delivers big hooks but also some strong lyricism particularly on tracks such as ‘Trauma Hoarding’ using metaphor brilliantly on songs such as this.

With this voice, we have melodies that back her up with every movement. On tracks such ‘Maybe This Time We’ll All Be Dead’ the guitars really give this track life and are reminiscent of bands such as Garbage. The bounce of the track is subtle and the percussion with the guitar really makes this track stand out. Strong melodies continue on tracks such ‘Speeding’ where the band ironically take down the pace, and give us something thought out beautifully.

Jakals here deliver a brilliant and unique Rock EP that highlights their talent for creating fantastic songs. Guitars work and entwine with cool drumwork that makes for such a great listen and it needs to be heard. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Maybe This Time We’ll All Be Dead’ and ‘Porcelain’ which is the perfect opening track for this record.




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