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Review: Young Waters – Self Titled.

Young Waters this week release their self titled debut album. Reminiscent of bands such as Fleet Foxes and The Incredible String Band, the band explore a range of themes from questioning our contemporary reality to more personal enquiries into one’s own life and history. Give a listen to ‘Swimming Pools’ through Clash now here.

A band with a strong hold on stunning melodies, Young Waters really shine on the first album. Easy acoustic guitars drift through this record with such expertise and keep you enchanted throughout. Tracks such as ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ in particular will rapture you and just pull you in, with lilting sounds and vocals that deliver every word with such incredible feeling, this band unspool stories so perfectly.

Vocally gorgeous, Young Waters have two brilliant vocalists. The male vocals deliver the emotion of the lyricism and the female vocals add another level of intensity to these songs. Tracks such as ‘Bleary Eyed’ and ‘Enemy’ are perfect examples of the blend of vocals working fantastically together. Infectious choruses and excellent writing team up with fantastic string work throughout this album giving a very warm and personal vibe that makes for fantastic listening.

An amazing album that highlights just what this band can do, this is such a fine debut and one you could only dream of creating so well. Stunning strings in combination with beautiful vocals keep you pulled in from start to finish. Highlights for me are ‘Bleary Eyed’, ‘Enemy’ and ‘Weary Soul’.



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