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Review: Youth Killed It – What’s So Great, Britain?

WSGB_600x600.jpgThis week sees the release of the sophomore album from Youth Killed it, What’s So Great, Britain via Rude Records. Comparable to the likes of The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, and Blur, they return with more nostalgic 90’s riffs, stream-of-consciousness vocal deliveries, and charming hook. Give a listen to highlight ‘Headbutt’ from the album here.

A raucous album that keeps up the pace for every minute on this album, this band delivers a power packed collection of songs that work together so well and live is going to take the roof of the place. Bouncy riffs and awesome beats keep this album relentless and it makes for such a fantastic listen. Tracks such as ‘Headbutt’ are proof of this.

The lyricism that partners up with these fantastic melodies is, raw, infectious and brilliantly delivered. Writing that keeps it honest, see ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ and really catchy, particularly on tracks such as ‘The Getaway’ this band deliver every time on this album and it makes for a brilliant album. ‘Great British Summer’ stands out for those reasons too – this track sees this band’s charm deliver and it’s one of those songs that needs to be on a holiday playlist, very very soon.

A great album that delivers every single time, Youth Killed It return with another album full of bangers, that live need to be heard. Tracks seem to burst with energy on this record with brilliant drumwork that gives these songs bouncy beats and riffs that deliver every time. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Great British Summer’ and ‘Headbutt’.





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