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Review: K Michelle DuBois – Harness.


Harness Cover edit.jpg

Harness is the new album from K Michelle DuBois, which is released this week. For fans of musicians such as  Liz Phair, Luscious Jackson and The Breeders, DuBois creates a record with huge sounds and great vocals that need to be heard. Give a listen to ‘Wild Weed’ from the album now here.

A record from the beginning that delivers incredible grooves and cool melodies, particularly opening track and single, ‘Orchid’ DuBois here creates a big track that makes you pay attention and that attention is kept throughout this album. With melodies on tracks such as Velvet Eyes’ this is not shocking, the melodies really packing the pace on this record and not slowing down for a moment.

Dubois’ vocals on this record have a gorgeous tone and work well with the Electronica melodies she creates on this record. Tracks such as ‘City Lights’ and ‘Heart Like A Yardstick’ where the more Rock elements on the record really begin to kick in, and displays a unique tone, with little high notes and a rich deeper tone that sounds good with the big melodies of the track and make for one of the standout songs on this album.

An album that displays the talent for melodies and that unique vocal K Michelle DuBois has, Harness is a great record that delivers until the very end. Big Rock melodies that are reminiscent of bands such as The Breeders, the influences are on display here and it’s no bad thing. Highlights for me are ‘Velvet Eyes’ and ‘Orchid’.




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