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Review: Wolf Girl – Every Now & Then.

Wolf Girl this week releases their new album, Every Now & Then through Everything Sucks Music. The second album from the South London Indie Pop band, Wolf Girl unleash some incredible new tracks you don’t want to miss for a second. Give a listen to single ‘Toast For Dinner’ now through Youtube here.

This album is just too easy to listen to. Melodies that just work beautifully together and have a delightful energy to them, Wolf Girl return with some excellent tracks. Tracks such as ‘Dream Partner’ for example have a bouncy energy that just works so well with the vocals on the track. In contrast the more Indie Rock vibes coming up next on ‘Get You’ pick up the pace and give this record a fierceness.

Powerful vocals that deliver these tracks and also back up the vocals on tracks such as ‘Maths In The Real World’ work so well with the melodies this band create. With these vocals the band deliver brilliant and incisive lyricism that you will find difficult not to like, this band really creating their own style of Pop on this record and doing it incredibly well.

A fantastic album that you will not want to miss, listening to this certainly brightened a very grey day and it will certainly do the same for you. Moments of blissful melodiesĀ  and then tracks packed with melodies that fire up this record, Wolf Girl create an album of two halves, but what halves they are!



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