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Review: Saves The Day – 9.



This week sees the release of ‘9’ the new album from Saves The Day which is released through Rude Records. Saves The Day are a band that have been gaining hero status for a long time and this album certainly establishes just why. You can give a listen to ‘Kerouac & Cassady’ now here via Youtube.

Opening the album packed with energy this album is certainly an album that doesn’t relent when it comes to ferocious and bouncy melodies that Saves The Day perfect on this album. Tracks such as ‘Suzuki’ certainly are proof of this, with awesome drum work and guitars that unleash a sound that works so well on tracks like this one.

Conley is on top form of this record as he delivers these tracks. An album that tells the story of the band through the nine tracks, Conley is a fantastic storyteller on this album from beginning to the end. The writing really does sound like it grows stronger throughout this record, the lyricism getting stronger as it continues, with huge tracks such as ‘It’s Such A Beautiful World’ to really make clear what this band have become, a tour de force of the genre.

A relentless and awesome album that keeps going for every second, Saves The Day return with an album that sounds so good and one that live is going to be on another level. Highlights for me are ‘It’s Such A Beautiful World’ and ‘Rose’ however if you don’t give this album a listen asap, you’ll be missing out.





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