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Review: Wendy Eisenberg – Its Shape Is Your Touch.

Its Shape Is Your Touch is the new album from Wendy Eisenberg, which was released recently through Vin Du Select Qualitite. Her work on both on her records takes from genres of metal, blues, art song, jazz, noise though not obviously and this musician does it incredibly well. You can give a listen to the album now here.

If there is one thing this album makes clear is Eisenberg’s skill with stunning guitar melodies. Taking a ‘less is more’ approach to the sound adds to the atmosphere of the record and adds a smart edge to the sound. Tracks such as ‘Sol Lewitt’ are good examples of this as the drama and tension builds with the languid sound of the guitars on the track.

This musician’s use of different genres to add to this album is also something that stands out on this record. Tracks such as ‘Early November’ give us a hint of the Blues and Noise that this record has been influenced by with frantic fretwork that makes this track pop on this record. ‘Goldenseal’ however gives us some incredibly brilliant Blues/Acoustic moments that just allow your imagination to run to a much nicer place.

A record that showcases the talent that Eisenberg has, Its Shape Is Your Touch is a record to let yourself roll out to as she explores exquisitely different genres to create pieces of guitar music that capture your imagination and senses. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Sol Lewitt’ and ‘Goldenseal’ however I heartily recommend the whole of this majestic record.


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