EPs & Singles.

Review: Something Else – Self Titled EP.

This week sees the release bright and early in the year of the new self titled EP from Something Else. Creators of Alt-Pop, Something Else have blossomed into a band after starting as a duo and the additional members certainly allow this record to sound excellent.  Give a listen to a teaser on the band’s facebook page here.

Moody and packed with angst, Something Else create a record heavy with big beats and Alternative sounds that weave together well throughout this record. Opening track ‘The Fool’ for example is certainly proof of this where the drums create a foundation of fantastic beats that really give this song the pace it needs to be great.

The record picks up as it goes on, with the band picking up the momentum and really creating songs with those pop elements so well. In particular tracks such as ‘Shadow’ and ‘Nobody Has To Know’ lift the mood of the record and these songs give the record a balance of that blend of Emo and Alternative, and moments of Pop that work so well together, giving you a great view of what this band can do.

A great EP that highlights this band’s way with different sounds, Something Else bring us something different with each song and it makes for a great but mixed up listen. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Nobody Has To Know’, ‘The Fool’ and ‘Purpose’ which gives me strong The Early November vibes, which is never bad, really.


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