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Review: Downcast – Self Titled EP.

Downcast Cover Artwork.jpgDowncast this week release their new self titled EP, this week. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Wonder Years and ROAM, this is a band that certainly is my kind of thing and it should be yours. You can give a listen to ‘I’m Sorry’ now from the EP through YouTube here.

A band that from the moment this record begins have a talent for melodies, Downcast certainly impress on their debut with their own style of Pop Punk on this record. Tracks such as ‘Sombre’ in particular are excellent with simple but brilliant acoustic sounds and vocals that deliver throughout with emotion and a chorus that is created to be sung along to.

Liam Edwards, Downcast’s vocalist is certainly a talent and drives these songs along with the melodies to greatness. Tracks such as opener ‘Anthurium’ and ‘Window Seat’ are perfect examples of this as he delivers some fantastic choruses that considering this band only came together last year, sounds like a pro at this. Making clear that this is a band that you should be keeping an eye out for, this band have something here.

A band packed with talent and brilliant melodies that make you pay attention, Downcast certainly make something here that needs to be heard. An energetic sound that live is going to sound incredible, I want to see tracks such as ‘Sombre’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ live at some point, they are going to be spectacular, and the highlights of this EP.



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