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Review: State Of Ember – Broken Horizons.

Broken Horizons is the new record being self released by the formidable State Of Ember this week. A trio that released their debut EP last Autumn, the band return with six awesome tracks that are going to pack not just a punch but a whole street fight. You can give a listen to ‘Time And Time’ now here.

Brutal melodies that really are loaded up by the fantastic foundation of drumwork on this record, State Of Ember create a sound that just sounds so raucous throughout the whole of their new EP. Tracks such as ‘Made Up My Mind’ are perfect examples of this as the band unload on your eardrums melodies that will blow you away.

Chris Tamburro’s vocals on this record are second to none. Working perfectly with the sound the band create, Tamburro has a rough and ready vocal that works perfectly throughout this EP. This is particularly clear on songs such as ‘Fear Of Falling’ which also delivers a solid chorus and a melody filled with bouncy energy which is manifested perfectly by those riffs.

State Of Ember certainly make clear just what they can do on this record throughout. Bringing together ferocious but bouncy melodies and a raw vocal that channels these lyrics perfectly throughout the whole of the record. Highlights for me on this EP are ‘Made Up My Mind’ and ‘Fear Of Falling’ but as a whole, this record is pretty damn good.




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