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Review: TMBOY – Steam.


This week sees the release of the new album from, TMBOY. A duo who create Pop music with an Avant Garde sound, the two explore music and sound brilliantly, and this album is a slice of that exploration. You can give a listen to a track from the record ‘Focus’ through YouTube here.

This band really do know how to craft some fantastic melodies. Huge beats and incredible grooves race throughout this record as the band make music that’s impossible not to move to. Tracks such as ‘Steam’ are certainly proof of this as the band create an incredible beat and a cool groove that just works so incredibly with the gorgeous vocals.

Sarah Aument’s vocals on this album are all powerful. Stunning and versatile throughout the record, she brings these powerful high notes and then softer tones that just work so well with whatever sound these two create on this record.  Tracks such as ‘Zephyr’ really are proof of this as Aument’s gorgeous softer tone is put on display, and then her vocal power too, it’s incredible to listen throughout this record.

A fantastic blend of fantastic melodies, beautiful vocals and lyricism packed with feeling, TMBOY certainly on this record make something that leaves an impact, and it’s a great one. Highlights for me on this record are tracks such as ‘Steam’ and the brilliant beats of ‘Hands’ is impossible to forget – however this is a record to listen to as a whole as I feel it’s crafted together brilliantly and with real art, and well deserves your attention.





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