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Review: Kat Holland – Retrovision EP.

Retrovision is the new EP from Kat Holland, which is released this week. This Charlotte based Jazz/Pop singer songwriter has been on my radar for some time, and this EP makes clear why as she brings her fantastic vocals again together with gorgeous melodies that deliver every time. ‘The One’ can be heard through Soundcloud here.

A singer with an incredible talented for Pop-fuelled, fun melodies that really accentuate her incredible voice, Holland on this EP from the start really does make clear she is an incredible talent. Nice grooves and cool beats that make for a gorgeous listen, ‘The One’ is just the start of the highlights on this record for me as the harmonies just work so well.

Those harmonies are made ever clearer on the first acoustic track, ‘Stay’. Less is certainly more on this song as the vocal power is put on show, with delicate but powerful notes  that sound so good. The chilled out melodies on this song, with lyricism that is packed with feeling and just makes you stop and listen. ‘Losing Balance’ continues those beautiful guitar melodies, but sees Holland highlighting her deeper vocal tones, that make for a beautiful listen on a track like this with fantastic guitar melodies that accentuates her voice more.

A stunning collection of songs, these four tracks including ‘Happy Pill’, Kat Holland creates an EP here that makes for some of the finest easy listening, late night chill tracks that you could ever hear. Do not miss out on such a musical treat.




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