Review: Rachel Norman – Resist.

Rachel Norman this week sees the release of her new EP this week, Resist. Rachel has been performing at local venues throughout the east coast in promotion of her upcoming EP, and it’s clear why listening to these tracks, they have been well worth the wait. If you like Tori Kelly or Ariana Grande, this is for you.

A tone that strikes you from the moment you hear it, Norman clearly is someone who is a born singer. A chocolatey tone, smooth to the ear, Norman makes songs that really accentuate her incredible voice. With this voice she delivers lyricism that hits you with emotion and where you can hear those Ariana Grande vibes, delivering incredible notes from the start of the record.

Though in moments the switch up in melodies can be a little jarring, this is a singer who melodically works so harmoniously. ‘Sadness’ is a perfect example of her voice and a perfect melody working in combination. Lilting guitars and easy grooves make this song such a standout, and in combination with the heartbreaking lyricism, it’s a song that sticks with you. This natural way to melodies continues on tracks such as ‘Verified’ which rounds off this EP to perfection.

A great EP that highlights this singer’s talent for melodies and her gorgeous voice, Norman here really makes for exciting and enticing listening. My personal favourite track is ‘Verified’ however there are so many gems on this record, you are going to find a new favourite with every listen.

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