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Review: CULTDREAMS – Things That Hurt.

Things-That-Hurt-2500px copy.jpgFormerly known as Kamikaze Girls, Cultdreams is the new name for a band that hasn’t changed anything about it’s greatness, if new album ‘Things That Hurt’ is anything to go by, which is released this week through Big Scary Monster Records. Give a listen to ‘We Never Rest’ from the album now here.

A sound that expands throughout the album, Cultdreams do not hold back on this record when it comes to pushing in new directions even if lyrically they still challenge and defy in every way. Tracks such as ‘Not My Generation’ are huge songs, with incredible melodies and then crashing Rock sounds that with the vocal work so well – Cultdreams throughout deliver melodies that just fill up your ears and it sounds incredible from beginning to end.

Livingstone is an incredible vocalist, and this record allows that to shine throughout. Raw but delivering something filled with feeling, this vocalist just makes this record something to marvel in every moment of it. Tracks such as ‘Statement’ are incredible and raw, just feeling like a punch to the gut from second to second, this followed up by the anger of ‘Repent, Regress’ makes for something to listen to, with amazing power behind every word and an anger that just delivers every single time.

An incredible album that sees the members continue to grow and move in new directions musically, Cultdreams makes an album that just works together beautifully from start to finish. This band took time to come back with a new record and what they made is something that shows their hard work and it makes for exquisite listening – great things should be waited on, and this is a great thing.

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