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Review: Cassels – The Perfect Ending.

A Cassels - The Perfect Ending ALBUM ARTWORK re c...duo that with every record just makes a whole new incredible impression, Cassels this week release their new album, The Perfect Ending through Big Scary Monsters Records. Soon to be on tour, the band play The Gorilla Invasion, Kingston on 5/10 and listening to this you must go, just go and see this played live.

A lyrical exploration of the current political climate and their own, Cassels on this record create songs that are honest and observant in a thoughtful but brilliant way and even to an extent haunting. Cassels are consistent lyrically throughout when it comes to giving meaning to each track -‘All The St John’s Wort In The World’ is a perfect example of this.

In combination with the depth of the lyricism we have some incredible melodies that allow for those words to have greater impact throughout the album and pieces of music that just allow you to see just how talented this duo are at crafting incredible sounds -‘Melting Butter’ allows for great guitars to shine on this record and I am grateful for it. The use of birdsong is becoming more common too, and I’m a fan, making the perfect start to ‘The Perfect Ending’.

An album that highlights just how good this band continues to be, there are moments of Math Rock, Alternative and Indie that make for a heady mix of brilliance from a band who continue to make songs that stay with you for days. ‘The Leaking Ark’ is the perfect blend of their sound and lyricism that just stands out on a record packed with tremendous songs, go listen to as soon as possible.



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