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Review: The Creptter Children – Asleep With Your Devil.

This week, The Creptter Children release their new EP, Asleep With Your Devil through Imminence Records. A gothic/industrial hard rock band from in Melbourne, Australia the band’s influences include Behemoth, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie which should mean this EP is a hell of a listen. You can listen to ‘Asleep With Your Devil’ now here. Frantic … Continue reading

EPs & Singles.

Review: Sports Reference – Somewhere Else.

Sports Reference this Friday release their new EP, Somewhere Else.  Recorded at Haunted Muscle Beach Studios in Gainesville with David Bell whose worked with bands such as Dikembe, producing the record it certainly sounds good and first single ‘Doctor Everest’ proves it, which you can listen to now through The Bad Copy here. Taking a more … Continue reading