Review: Bryan McPherson – Wedgewood.

wedgewoodWedgewood is the third album from Bryan McPherson, who created this album during the Occupy movement in Oakland, and is the theme of the record. McPherson has toured the UK recently, and is now embarking on tour across the US, after in the past opening for bands such as The Dropkick Murphys and when Slash is a fan of yours, you must be doing something right.

Wedgewood has some perfect melodies throughout the record, and is so easy to listen to, considering it’s contents, tracks such as Dark Hearts is a perfect example of this. Opening track Born On A Highway is opened by McPherson’s nieces which is a sweet touch to the record, and has a perfect sound to it. The acoustic simplicity works incredibly with the easy vocals this man has.

McPherson’s vocals are very nice to listen to throughout, Hearts In Boxcars for example really shows the quality of his voice, and it has a way of being soft and gentle to having a raw edge to it, on tracks such as Here We Go which really raises the pace of the record, and for good reason – this track being one of the many highlights of this album, and this continues on tracks like Burn It Down, that really keep that pace, this album having a good balance of slow acoustic melodies and more punk sounding vocals and raw sounds.

This album is very good, with some incredible melodies, awesome vocals and some great lyrical content that make for a very coherent record. If you like musicans such as Brian Marquis or This Wild Life, I think you’d probably be into Wedgewood. There are many highlights of this record, but personally my particular favourites are Here We Go, Hearts In Boxcars and Songs From The Moon, however there isn’t a bad song on this record and it’s certainly worth a listen.