Review: Gianna Lauren – Vanity Metrics.

Halifax songwriter Gianna Lauren’s new EP Vanity Metrics, is released this week via Forward Music Group. With vocals are deeply felt and melodies that are packed with a dreaminess that few do so well, the band supports her perfectly, surging and receding at the exact right moment that makes for tones that if you like Mitski for example you’d like this. 

The melodies never stop working on this record. Languid guitars flow through these songs with sheer perfection and with incredible feeling, a feeling that matches the strength of Lauren’s vocals throughout. Opening track ‘Spark’ makes this particularly clear, and continues on tracks such as ‘Close Chapter’ where the melodies build and bloom into something spectacular with subtle drums and beautiful melodies that make me think this band and singer work together incredibly well, they know her voice so well.

Easy vocals that glide with the melodies throughout this record, Gianna Lauren has a voice you could listen to all day. Husky, gentle tones combine on tracks such as ‘Closed Chapter’ and ‘Disappear’ that make for such wonderful listening, delivering powerful lyricism, that needs to be taken in but also has that touch of infectiousness that allows for a wonderful balance on this record.

A beautiful EP that you need to take your time to soak in, it will be well worth it.

Review: In Earnest – Self Titled.

This week sees the release of the debut from In Earnest, who release their debut record on Wednesday. The band bring together six tracks that explore, mental heath, nostalgia and being in the middle of hope and hopelessness and with these six tracks they do it incredibly well. You can find out more about the band here.

A band that delivers powerful emotions throughout the record, In Earnest here create melodies that are packed with feeling and lyricism that is raw and explores the mind and life as they know it. Tracks such as ‘Put Me Under’ are perfect examples of this as the band combine sombre melodies that are delivered by some fantastic guitar work, with lyricism that tells a story and feels heavy with its meaning. 

As the record continues, this band embrace this sound and continue their high standard however I get to see the band explore their sound too. Tracks such as ‘Fables’ give us something different from the band as the sound becomes frantic and delivers a dramatic end to the track, delivering the message of the song perfectly, the frustration driving through the song. 

An excellent EP that showcases this band’s talent – it’s a debut worthy of so much praise as this band delve into themselves to give a record that really feels so much with melodies that build on that to perfection.

Review: Winter Gardens – Tapestry.

Tapestry-Front copy.pngWinter Gardens this week release their debut EP, Tapestry through their own label Austerity Records. A beautiful record that brings elements of Dream Pop and Shoegaze this band for me when I heard about them, I had to hear and I had to share. You can give a listen to ‘Tapestry’ now via YouTube here.

The melodies are really captivating. Melodies that spiral in combination with subtle drumwork make for an excellent introduction to the sound of this band and certainly pull you in from the start, the title track ‘Tapestry’ really making it clear the talent this band have. The melodic quality continues on tracks such as ‘Laminar Flow Pt. 1’ where that talent for creating incredible sounds continues to be made clear.

Ananda Howard’s vocals throughout this record is truly ethereal. Highlighted on intro track Tapestry, they harmonise with the sound being created throughout, the lyricism powerful with the strong melodies that have been created. However I really feel its accentuated on closing track ‘Wonders Bleak’ where the incredible melodies partner with her vocals in an incredible way and it makes for dramatic listening.

A beautiful record that delivers unique and ethereal sounds, Tapestry certainly makes for a dreamy listen that takes you to a whole new space and time. If you want something to take you somewhere else, this is the record for you.

Review: Wilmette – Self Titled.

This week sees the release of the new EP from Wilmette via Mutant League Records. Made with Seth Henderson, whose worked with the likes of Knuckle Puck and Real Friends, this band certainly have the talent to create something great and on their new self – titled they certainly do. You can stream ‘Alchemy’ via YouTube now here.

Coming in to this record with an impact the size of a meteorite strike, this band certainly really bring it on every song. ‘Adderall’ is a huge song with powerful drums with perfect timing and riffs that build this song into something more, with bouncy energy that pushes this song to a whole new level. This track followed by ‘Too Close to Closure’ highlight this band’s talent for powerful melodies that just hit you full force in every moment of the record.
To match the intensity of the melodies, the band deliver incredible vocals and screaming tones that you would expect from Hardcore. Raw, brutal vocals combined with a good singing vocal that makes for a great combination – tracks such as ‘Adderall’ are great examples of this with a big chorus that delivers on this song but also on tracks such as ‘Alchemy’ where the band deliver one of the highlights on this record.

A fantastic EP, Wilmette really come through on their self titled with powerful melodies that work with the combination vocals brilliantly throughout the whole record. Definitely check out ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Adderall’ you’ll regret not doing so.

Review: Loose Fit – Self Titled EP.



Loose Fit last week released their self titled record through FatCat Records. Taking hints and echoes from musicians as wide spread as Bush Tetras, Maximum Joy and B-52s, this is a band with an eclectic sound and needs to be heard to be taken in, in all its glory. ‘Black Water’ from the record can be heard here

A random assortment of sounds that work together, Loose Fit is a name, but also a sound and that sound is amazing on this record. ‘Reflux’ shouldn’t work as well as it does – what sounds like a horn, drums and a cool riff that gives this track bounce makes for such a trio of incredible noises and it just pops on this EP.  ‘Pretty much as soon as I heard this song it went on my playlist’ levels of good. 

In combination with these what I think to be kinda ‘funky’ but with an edge melodies, are some incredible vocals. The way she uses her voice with these songs, changing tone throughout and delivery every word with such brilliance. ‘Black Water’ is a great example of that talent with soft high notes that indulge your ears then using a deeper tone to deliver that hook. It’s used as another instrument on this record and it is used so incredibly well. 

A superb record from start to finish, just go and listen. Catchy moments, infectious melodies, brilliant sounds, this band have it all and have it with abundance. 


Review: Yakima – Go Virtually EP.


Go Virtually EP Artwork.jpg

Last week saw the release of the debut record from Yakima, Go Virtually. A band packed with promise, Yakima makes that abundantly clear on their new record moving from singles into a solid and consistently brilliant EP that shines a light on their well-crafted melodies and brilliant vocals. Check out their bandcamp now here

How do I explain the sound of Yakima? With elements of Pop, Rock and Indie, this band create a woozy and winding sound throughout their record, using melodies in ways that make for incredible listening. Tracks such as ‘Judy’s Lament’ are hazy, lush and brilliant as the guitars blend with the subtleties of the drums and sounds to make for a perfect song. 

With these melodies, the band command your attention through vocals that entwine delicately with their perfectly made melodies. Harmonious throughout, the vocals are great and with melancholic and thoughtful lyricism that works with the sound of the record so well. Tracks such as ‘Thanks’ and ‘Sheep Boy, Cry Man’ – which is the most sombre of these tracks makes for a hard-hitting and brilliant listen that captures your attention. 

A brilliant record that highlights this band’s astonishing power for creating powerful songs that just enable each musician to stand out, Yakima debut here with a record that sets their standard so high – to think this band are at the beginning with something as good as this is almost unbelievable, but hearing the singles, it’s no shock at all. Give it a listen as soon as possible, you will not regret it. 


Review: Cheerbleederz – Lobotany.

cheerbleeders-lobotany-ep-cover-sunflowers.jpgCheerbleederz this week release their new EP, Lobotany through Alcopop! Records. A band formed of incredible talent from a variety of bands that you will also probably love, Cheerbleederz here return with incredible tracks that need your complete attention as soon as possible, especially ‘Say 2 U’ which is the band’s latest lead single and one of their finest – give it a listen now here.

I love the melodies throughout the whole of this EP. Beautifully crafted with an easy bounce that just makes you wanna put these songs on repeat for a long time to come, this band are so talented and it shows. Tracks such as ‘sometimes i cry at work’ for example have these slow building drums that drop at the end and sublime riffs that just reach a fantastic sound that just make for my kind of musical perfection and in combination with the trio’s vocals, this song wins.

‘say 2 u’ is a slow burning song, perfect for a night listen as the vocals are so delicate and deliver perfectly with the easy melody the band come up that builds into a dramatic guitar and drum beat that works so well and it makes me want these songs live so damn much. The songs on this record flow so well into each other particularly ‘say 2 u’ moving into ‘Disco’ where the easy vocals return and those melodies come back and sound just so right on songs such as this.

Exquisitely done and beautifully made, these songs are just such flower power as the band create gorgeous melodies that power up as they build and vocals that deliver poignant lyricism and honest feelings that make this one of my new favourite things.



Review: Civil Villains – Snake Oil EP.

‘SCV-EP-SNAKE-OIL-COVERART.jpgnake Oil’ is the new EP from Civil Villains, which is released this week. For fans of acts such as At The Drive In or Modest Mouse, Civil Villiains have some great comparisons and some great music too – with thoughtful lyricism and melodies that deliver some excellent DIY tones. Give a listen to ‘Dead Still’ now here.

Gritty and determined, Civil Villains bring intense melodies and beats that bring a tension to a song that is unmatched. Songs such as ‘Gargoyles’ are incredible as the band add a depth to the track with guitars that build something huge and add an air of mystery to the song that just work so damn well. This band continue to bring it throughout this record, having such perfect timing throughout – exploding in sound to perfection, see ‘Dead Still’ for proof.

The vocals pack a punch throughout, ‘Dead Still’ is a good example of this too and the chorus is delivered with a ferocity that just takes your breath away, the verses delivered with a raw edge that works so well with the bouncy melody the band create. ‘Siren Bound’ takes down the pace and adds a touch of gloom to end the record with and end it with perfection.

Snake Oil sees this band deliver on everything. Vocals that are brutal but brilliant, melodies that kick you in the face and grooves that just work, this is a band you should not be ignoring any time soon.

Review: GoodnightGoodnight – I Love You Fiercely.

Set for independent release on CD and digital formats, November 16, I Love You Fiercely, was produced by GoodnightGoodnight in their home studio as they tackled the idea of “loving with all of your heart, self-reflection, risking heartbreak, and even letting go of love at times.” and that shows throughout the record as it plums emotion perfectly.

The vocals on this record sound so good. Reminiscent in moments of Kate Bush, Thornton’s vocals are dreamy and packed with feeling throughout the whole of this record, working in harmony with melodies that add to the depth of the lyricism. This is especially clear on tracks such as ‘Mint Julip’ where the band’s fantastic synth melodies work in combination with the vocal to perfection throughout. And that continues throughout the EP.

The emotive melodies run deep throughout this record bringing this record to life and making the lyricism’s feeling work so well. Tracks such as ‘Carried Away’ see the band crafting unique sounds and building atmospheric melodies that allow the song to bloom. On tracks such as ‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’ the band’s sombre tones and piano keys are masterful and makes for such a great song on this record.

An emotional and explorative record that has been created with a raw edge, GoodnightGoodnight excel in showcasing their melodic sensibilities and highlight a fantastic vocal. Created also for a fantastic cause (some of the profits going to Oxford House) this band really bring together something special on this record, go discover it.

Review: Guerrilla Toss – What Would The Odd Do?

The new album from Guerrilla Toss, ‘What Would The Odd Do?’ is out November 15th on NNA Tapes. A band with an album output that continues to evolve and a live show considered to be one of the greatest right now, this new record is something that should be on your musical radar.

A band that through this EP create some incredible grooves and beats that build these songs into something that’s not easy to forget, Guerrilla Toss continue to explore their sound on this record as they create melodies that create an atmospheric vibe – this is especially clear on tracks such as ‘Plants’ which with it’s moody elements create a fierce and anthemic sound that feels like a throwback to the 90’s.

The band continue with the wild and kooky melodies throughout this record, and this is particularly clear on track ‘Moth Like Me’. A song packed with melodies and with a chorus that hooks you in with ease, this stands out on the record. Kassie’s vocals are incredible on the track and deliver the infectious lyricism in combination with a melody that builds on big drum & bass sounds that just work together so damn well.  A song about going after things no matter what people think, this whole album feels like that message in melody.

A great record that explodes with noise, Guerrilla Toss cannot contain their talent on this record. From the moment this record begins, Guerrilla Toss are engineering an EP that moves from the norm to the unusual at lightning speed and it makes for such a fantastic listen, go listen to this if you wanna join them out of this world.