Review: INFRARED – Souls.


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Souls is the new album from INFRARED which was released earlier this month. A band that just keep continuing to make great things, their new record proves this as their sound has become a more contemporary, Alternative Modern Rock that sounds so good. You can give a listen to some of the highlights of the album through the band’s site here.

A band that is all powerful, INFRARED on this record show us their teeth, with brutal melodies and powerful vocals that tear through heavy riffs and big drums to make for some great listening. ‘The End Of My Beginning’ is the perfect example of this as the band work together to make a track that could wake the dead, with melodies that just power this track that has Hard Rock moments that work so well.

Tiozzo is a powerful vocalist and that is certainly made clear on this album. Delicate in moments and shredding in others, Tiozzo has a fantastic vocal and that’s shown on tracks such as ‘Keyhole’ where the high notes are delivered with incredible force and make for a fantastic listen. In contrast the vocals are raw and brutal on tracks such as ‘Man & Woman’ which really show how versatile this vocalist is and it really make this album stand out.

A fantastic new record from the band as they explore some fantastic sounds, INFRARED are a band you need to hear and this album is certainly proof of that, especially with vocals as powerful as Tiozzo’s leading the charge on your eardrums on this record to such perfection.



New Videos Out This Week!

  1. The Kut – I Want You Maniac – recently seen on their biggest tour to date throughout the Summer, The Kut released a video for a track that live is incredible to hear, I Want You Manic and the video certainly matches that. The band bring their energy to one of the biggest tracks on their EP. Well worth giving a watch if you like a great punk tune.
  2. Dead Eyes – American Nightmare – I get sent a lot of press releases and links, and sometimes you find a gem amongst them, this is one of those times! A band with an incredible amount of energy and raw power on this track, this video really gives a great taste of what Dead Eyes can do, a band to keep an eye on if this track is anything to go by.
  3. Infrared – Chandelier – A cover of the great Sia track, Infrared bring a fantastic rock edge to the track, bringing in heavy riffs and the vocals are incredible. The band have transformed this song and made it their own and done it well, bringing a darkness to it that really works, give it a listen!
  4. The Sleeping Sounds – Figure It Out – This song stood out to me for the lyricism, guitarist Anthony Lauletta from the band says ”The song is based completely on a true story of a girl I had dated who had went completely down the wrong path” and that genuine lyricism shines here with the melodies that are reminiscent of bands such as 1975.


Review: Infrared – Self Titled EP.

infraredCreators of Alternative Modern Rock, Infrared released their self titled EP back in January. Bringing modern melodies and 90’s rock together, the band hailing from Milan are led by Tania Tozzo, and led incredibly well if this EP is anything to go by. You can find out more about the band through their website here.

Bringing a fresh rock sound to their EP, the band bring together interesting melodies and harmonies that make for an incredible listen throughout. Tracks such as That Day really pull the best of what this band do together with cinematic, sweeping melodies that really work throughout this record and make for a really big sound on this EP. The riff in track, Wounded brings the songs to life.

Tozzo’s vocals are powerful throughout this record, her voice is strong and harmonises well with those raw guitar riffs this band create throughout this EP – her voice is perfect for rock music and it shows throughout this, but tracks like Once More certainly make it clearest. Once More has a huge hook and that runs throughout these songs, with big choruses and with the power of Tozzo’s vocals that combined with the music, it really works well together.

Though sometimes a little finesse is needed with the sound on this record, Infrared have a great sound that they have truly developed in to their own sound on their self titled and it works really well for the most part Рif you like band such as Halestorm, you might like this. Highlights for me on this record are Time and Wounded.