Review: Gianna Lauren – Vanity Metrics.

Halifax songwriter Gianna Lauren’s new EP Vanity Metrics, is released this week via Forward Music Group. With vocals are deeply felt and melodies that are packed with a dreaminess that few do so well, the band supports her perfectly, surging and receding at the exact right moment that makes for tones that if you like Mitski for example you’d like this. 

The melodies never stop working on this record. Languid guitars flow through these songs with sheer perfection and with incredible feeling, a feeling that matches the strength of Lauren’s vocals throughout. Opening track ‘Spark’ makes this particularly clear, and continues on tracks such as ‘Close Chapter’ where the melodies build and bloom into something spectacular with subtle drums and beautiful melodies that make me think this band and singer work together incredibly well, they know her voice so well.

Easy vocals that glide with the melodies throughout this record, Gianna Lauren has a voice you could listen to all day. Husky, gentle tones combine on tracks such as ‘Closed Chapter’ and ‘Disappear’ that make for such wonderful listening, delivering powerful lyricism, that needs to be taken in but also has that touch of infectiousness that allows for a wonderful balance on this record.

A beautiful EP that you need to take your time to soak in, it will be well worth it.

Review: The OBGMs – The Ends.

The OBGMs - The Ends Cover.jpg

Canadian punk rock trio The OBGMs are back with a new album this week and a typically raucous new track ‘Not Again’, out now on Black Box. Vocalist and guitarist Densil McFarlane says, when musing on the track “’Not Again’ is about the lies I tell myself when I look in the mirror”.

An album that packs a punch with every riff and bounce od drums, The Ends certainly is created by its means. A cacophony of noise that erupts in all directions throughout, this album live would be incredible and here on record it sounds like a mosh waiting to happen. ‘WTFRU’ is a great example of this chaos of noise as they bring in incredible and chaotic guitars that blas into your eardrums. This album is as a whole a huge new sound that keeps on delivering until the very end of the record. 

Lyrically this band deliver songs that about self destruction and and the lies you tell yourself and that fury burns throughout this record as the band rip through the melodies with some awesome and brutal vocals. Tracks such as ‘Move On’ and single ‘Not Again’ are great examples of this band’s brilliance here and combined with the rambunctious melodies this band deliver every single time on this album. 

A fantastic new record, if you are missing the barrier, this is the album for you, turn this up loud, you’re almost there. 

Review: Marcelyn – Monstrous Experience.

Marcelyn, release their new album this week, Monstrous Existence Originally the solo project of classically-trained singer Marcelyn Lebovitz, the now-trio delivers ‘indie rock weirdness on a silver platter with a side of smooth vocals, audacious bass playing, and groovy beats’ and that is definitely the case on their new album. You can give a listen to ‘Quarantine Song’ from the album now here

A band that certainly has a firm grasp of melodies, this band never fail to deliver fantastic grooves and cool beats that work together to create great things. ‘Set It On Fire’ is a great example of that combination and makes you have to move to it, this followed by the rumbunctious melodies of ‘I Smell Like Experience’ which has some incredible beats – the drums making an impact, which combined with the vocal work working with the melodies, makes for an incredible sound. 

The vocals throughout are extraordinary. Up front but used as another layer in the melodies the vocals are incredible no matter how they are used on this record. ‘Number A’ and ‘The Show Is Over’ show this, the first highlighting the softer tones layering incredibly together to make for an amazing sound. However in contrast the raw, powerful edge of Marcelyn’s voice on ‘Sled Ted’ is incredible and delivers a powerful message on the track and makes for such a fierce song on this album. 

An album that highlights every facet of this band’s talent for melodies and vocals, Monstrous Experience is well worth listening to see just how this band use every talent to create brilliant but haunting in parts sounds that you need a moment for to take in. 

Review: The Neptunes – Mermaid A Go Go.

After a long break, this week sees the return of The Neptunas. Releasing ‘Mermaid A Go-Go’ on Friday via Altered State Of Reverb, the band have worked with With Daddy-O Grande from Los Straitjackets to make a record that is just such a fabulous listen from beginning to end. You can give a listen to some of the band’s work now through Youtube here.

It’s very hard to ignore, in fact impossible to ignore just how groovy this record is. Packed with bops from beginning to end, this band use guitars with such genius throughout this record allowing for every song to be something you move along to no matter where you are, for me, my kitchen table. In there with the guitars are fantastic drum beats that keep incredible beats that entwine through these tracks and make you forget your job is meant to be writing a review.

Great instrumental pieces abound, but where this band deliver vocals, they deliver infectious choruses and catchy hooks. ‘Secrets Of The Sea’ and ‘Shark Tooth Necklace’ are great examples of this as the band may keep it simple lyrically in moments, but really deliver songs that live no one is going to be able to stop themselves getting involved with.

Fun, funky and groovy for every minute of it, The Neptunas make a record that is light and brilliant in every second – these songs are definitely going on my playlists when release day comes, there’s no way you can’t like this record as this band deliver sea-themed rock tunes to incredible melodies.

(I also really like their mermaid themed wardrobe, those dresses are cool!).

Review: TULIP – High Strangeness.



Recently releasing their new album ‘High Strangeness’, TULIP on their new album create something that weaves and works together throughout. This female fronted Symphonic Groove Metal band have on their new album blended together a collection of songs that highlight their talent for atmospheric but heavy sounds. You can listen to the album now through Brave Words here

This band’s vocalist is a powerhouse. A voice that projects with full power on every song, TULIP here lead with force. Incredible high notes that weave into the melodies on such songs as ‘Deep State’ and raw and aggressive on others such as ‘Transfiguration’, this band truly use that powerful vocal perfectly throughout this album and in combination with this band’s high standard with melodies it makes for a partnership that works throughout this record.

This album is certainly reminiscent of the genre, but that doesn’t stop it being a thunderous sound. Awesome riffs that pack a punch throughout and drums that ramp up these songs to another level, TULIP are not a band without its magic when it comes to creating a sound so big, you need a stadium to hold it all in. This is especially clear on tracks such as ‘The Inner Light’ which starts light but crunches down into a track with awesome melodies and huge drums that makes for such a great listen on this record. 

A powerful album that makes clear what this band can do, TULIP are a band hard to ignore. 

Review: Disq – Collector.

This week sees the release of the new album from Disq, ‘Collector’ through Saddle Creek. Assembling together a razor-sharp, teetering-on-the-edge-of-chaos melange of sounds, experiences, memories, and influences on their new album, this is a band that you have to hear. The band on the record give us the pop-rock vibes you can only dream of and a style all of their own that leaves you wanting more.

Disq on this record really do make melodies, and make them on another level. Huge beats and riffs that drop through the record and weave into the beat with expertise, this band really have a talent for making melodies that keep this record building and bouncing around to perfection. Tracks such as ‘Konichiwa Internet’ in particular are great examples of the way with this band create such chaotic but brilliant melodies.

With these beats are the band’s way with words. Telling stories through their lyricism, this band work everything in harmony so well and it especially shows on tracks such as ‘D19’ and ‘Loneliness’ which in tone sound so different and lyrically too, however these songs unfold and have such a quality to them. ‘Loneliness’ in particular feels like listening to a stream of consciousness that sounds incredible to melody.

Disq continue to highlight the strength of their melodies on this record, pushing their sounds to new levels – ‘Fun Song 4’ certainly seeing the band using all kind of sounds and tones to make an instrumental that certainly connects the album perfectly. Lyrical storytelling and moody melodies make this an album that works to perfection.


Review: Suggested Friends – Turtle Taxi.

Turtle Taxi album copy.jpgThis week sees the release of the debut album from Suggested Friends, ‘Turtle Taxi’ released via Fika Recordings. Described as ‘an indie rock quartet with a firm grounding in queer identity, DIY punk roots with interweaving guitars of 90s indie’ this is the band I’ve been waiting for, and listening to this album, it was worth the wait.

Pop sensibilities abound on this record, with cool melodies and upbeat beats that work throughout this album and that make it so much fun to listen to and keep you putting it on repeat for as long as you want. Tracks such as ‘At Ease’ are great examples of this band’s way with melodies as they give us that incredible grooves and bring together elements of Folk and Math Rock that make this such a stand out song.

Suggested Friends pack this album with incredible choruses from the start and hooks that just grab you and pull you in, leaving you in their capture for days on end, as these songs roll around your head. ‘Pretty Soon Your Grave Will Be Landfill’ has an incredible title, but also some of the most honest lyricism and a statement on just how the world works for young people in this day and age, it stands out on this album for those reasons.

An album that captures and is a sign of the times, Suggested Friends on ‘Turtle Taxi’ make an album that gives us feelings, anger, frustration, and love with a dash of nostalgia –  it’s a really incredible listen that captivates from the beginning to the end and an album that will make you listen and those albums, they are the best ones.


Review: Hate Club – A Clear Mistake.


Hate Club this week released their new EP, A Clear Mistake through Five Kill Records. This ‘tweemo’ band bring together three awesome Indie Punk tracks that need to be heard, and it would be a mistake to sleep on this band if these are anything to go by. Give a listen to ‘Unpredictable’ now here.

Fantastic guitars on these tracks really do bring these songs to life. Tracks such as ‘Earth Sign’ for example really give the track an awesome groove and in combination with the drums they really make this track stand out. ‘Unpredictable’ continues that great guitar sound which adds to the incredible drumbeat the band create on the track.

Accompanying this band’s way with melodies come some great vocals. The mixed vocals of ‘Earth Sign’ really work so well together here, giving this song so much more dimension and delivering the words with such feeling. ‘Hot Take’ opens the record with a raucous sound but also some great and grungey tones that just work so well with the sound the band create here, making for an excellent start to this EP.

A great EP from a band that have been at odds to get this record out (see EP artwork!) these three songs I hope are worth the struggle to get them out into the world. Filled with incredible melodies and vocalists that pack a punch on every track, give these songs a listen, you won’t regret it for a second.

Review: Downcast – Self Titled EP.

Downcast Cover Artwork.jpgDowncast this week release their new self titled EP, this week. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Wonder Years and ROAM, this is a band that certainly is my kind of thing and it should be yours. You can give a listen to ‘I’m Sorry’ now from the EP through YouTube here.

A band that from the moment this record begins have a talent for melodies, Downcast certainly impress on their debut with their own style of Pop Punk on this record. Tracks such as ‘Sombre’ in particular are excellent with simple but brilliant acoustic sounds and vocals that deliver throughout with emotion and a chorus that is created to be sung along to.

Liam Edwards, Downcast’s vocalist is certainly a talent and drives these songs along with the melodies to greatness. Tracks such as opener ‘Anthurium’ and ‘Window Seat’ are perfect examples of this as he delivers some fantastic choruses that considering this band only came together last year, sounds like a pro at this. Making clear that this is a band that you should be keeping an eye out for, this band have something here.

A band packed with talent and brilliant melodies that make you pay attention, Downcast certainly make something here that needs to be heard. An energetic sound that live is going to sound incredible, I want to see tracks such as ‘Sombre’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ live at some point, they are going to be spectacular, and the highlights of this EP.


Review: Twin Pigs – Scandinavian Nightmare.


Image result for twin pigs scandinavian nightmareScandinavian Nightmare is the latest release from Twin Pigs, the Punk Rock/Hardcore band according to them from the future. An unholy mix of punk, hardcore, rock, Satan, politix, fake news, real news, internet and movie references, this is an album I never knew I needed. You can give a listen to title track now through Youtube here.

Brutal and brilliant, this album is packed with this band’s aggressive melodies that make for incredible listening. Guitars that give these songs pops of energy, especially on tracks such as ‘I Hate My Brain’ and ‘Gaping Headwound’ and drums that give these songs dramatic foundations and awesome beats, this is a band that sounds epic.

With these huge melodies are the triple threat of vocals. Raw and brutal on the vocal chords vocals power throughout the album, the mix of male and female vocals works on this record so well, supporting one another fantastically on every track. This is particularly clear on cuts such as ‘Lollipop’ and ‘DOGS’ where the female vocals back up the male ones brilliantly in the chorus, this band work together so damn well.

Twin Pigs are a ferociously fantastic band and it shows on this album as the band expel energy like a tornado and bring vocals that rip through like a twister too. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Lollipop’, ‘I Hate My Brain’ and title track ‘Scandinavian Nightmare’ but I must also highlight how fantastic the combination of ‘Human Hybrid’ and ‘Death And Hatred to Hardcore’ is, finishing this album off just right.