Review: Greens – Self Titled.

Greens this week release their self titled EP, through Five Kill Records. a keeper for all of those living in the part of the venn diagram where Americana meets fuzzed out indie rock, Greens might be one of my favourite records sent to me this year. Give a listen to ‘Before The Dog’ through Soundcloud here.

Easy guitars and cool melodies roll through this record perfectly. Tracks such as ‘Bigger’ are the perfect example of this band’s skill at just making something that seems so simple, but is made so beautifully, as they deliver unique sounds and a nice guitar melody that makes for a great listen. That style continues on tracks such as ‘No One’, the band really making clear just what they can do, and do well.

With these gorgeous melodies comes a vocal powered with emotion. Delivering lyricism filled with feeling, Greens here are a band that never fail to deliver when it comes to words. Tracks such as ‘Aha’ tell a story beautifully, and deliver it with such raw, sheer emotion that you just can’t ignore it. The vocals don’t really change on this record, but I think that makes these words all the more sincere, like you’re being told something that you shouldn’t share.

A significant EP with easy listening vibes, and uneasy lyrics in moments, Greens deliver an EP that needs to be heard, it feels like it’s being played in front of you as you listen to it, and it makes for such an incredible sound. Highlights for on the EP are ‘No One’ and ‘Aha’.



Review: Swallow The Rat – Self Titled.

Swallow The Rat released their EP digitally back at the beginning of the year, but the physical copies were recently released and I wanted to check this EP out. Seen recently at South By South West and containing members from bands such as Schiphol this is a band with talent. You can listen to the EP now through Bandcamp.

On this EP, Swallow The Rat bring us some fine tuned melodies. Excellent guitars that add to the atmospheric tones the band create.  This is particularly clear on tracks such as ‘Echoes Of A Tide’ this is a band that really can make music that makes you pay attention and live this record is going to make for an incredible sight.

With these melodies, are punk-driven, raw and rowdy vocals that bring it throughout this record. Delivering lyricism that feels raw and adds to the energy of these songs as they drive them forward with raw power. This is best shown by tracks such as ‘New Cross’ with simple hooks that make for great listen, as we hear about the despair in the world we see these days.

An EP that highlights just what this band can do, these New Zealand Punks certainly have some tricks up their sleeve and this new record makes it clear, and certainly makes me want to hear more. Dramatic and soaring melodies that allow for that vocal to smack you in the face, I think this band are on to something good. Highlights for me are ‘New Cross’ and the melodies of ‘Shifting Sand’ are superb.

Review: Lora Kelley -Self Titled.

Lora Kelley this week sees the release of her self titled EP. The record showcases her songwriting skill, with each track being more personal as she pulls from her life experiences in combination with moments of Rock, Country and Americana. You can give a listen a track from the record ‘These Hands’ now through YouTube here.

An empowering start to the EP, I love these songs. Songs such as ‘Creeping in’ and ‘Good Men Don’t Hurt You’ are delivered with the perfect bite to them as they deliver a very real perspective on men who treat women badly – raw but light hearted these songs  grab your attention and make for great listens.

The second part of the EP feels more personal. Songs such as ‘Both Hands’ are beautifully delivered with heartfelt lyricism that makes you feels you every moment of the track combined with easy guitar melodies it’s one of the stand out moments on this EP. ‘Steel Magnolia’ follows this track and is just as gorgeous, a song for a strong women everywhere and a fantastic way to end the record.

An EP that shows two side of Kelley, there’s a feistiness to her lyricism on tracks such as ‘Creeping In’ that sounds so good and then the beautiful lyricism of songs such as ‘Both Hands’ that leave their mark in other and lovely ways, it’s an easy EP to like. There isn’t a moment on this EP I don’t like.




Review: Kelsey – Self Titled.


Based out of Vancouver, Kelsey is a up and coming Rock musician if her new EP is anything to go by, which was self-released last month. She describes her sound as rock with metal influences, with her songs being dark, passionate and honest and that description suits this record. You can give a listen to ‘Shame’ now here.

Dramatic from the moment it begins, Kelsey crafts melodies that are made to be played loudly and live. Huge drum beats add to that dark mood that runs through first track ‘Hard To Say’ and combined with those guitars that build throughout this song it’s a fantastic opener. Those big sounds continue on ‘Shame’ which really driving that vocal forward.

Kelsey’s vocals are powerful throughout this EP, particularly on tracks such as ‘Shame’ where it’s brutal and it cuts through the melodies where those huge riffs power this song with raw energy – which certainly matches her lyrical style on this record. ‘Where Are You Now’ takes down the pace of the record and does it well, with sombre melodies as it starts and her softer tone highlighted on this song, making for a stand out track.

A great first look at this musician, Kelsey shows just what she is capable of on her self titled and I look forward to more in the future, particularly if they sound as good as tracks such as ‘Where Are You Now’ where Kelsey’s vocals shine and the melodies make you pay attention.


Review: Emma Hern – Self Titled EP.

Emma Hern this week releases her new self-titled EP. A notable rising stars in the Nashville scene, Hern’s vocals have garnered comparisons to Grace Potter and ZZ Ward, while the style of the songs themselves bring together a blend of different genres including modern pop, retro rock and soul and makes for a great listen.

Emma Hern is a powerhouse and these songs are certainly proof of it. ‘Stole My Heart’ has the classic country vibes and her voice gives them a modern feel as she launches into this song with a drive and passion that makes for such a great tune. In contrast the gentle melodies on tracks such as ‘Fool Who Should Have Known’ compliment the easy sound of her voice on this song, beautifully.

Melodically this record has its infectious moments and easy beats running throughout it that highlight the power of the vocal Hern delivers every time. ‘Say Yes’ rounds off this EP with energetic moments and dramatic beats as each song does it’s best job to make it your new favourite track here. ‘Love Is Killing Me’ opening this record has a great sound that keeps going on throughout the EP.

A fun, honest EP, Emma Hern proves here why she is a musician to watch on her self-titled. A record that works perfectly together, these four tracks are hard to pick favourites from, as she brings a nice blend of Country, Pop and Rock that sounds so good.


Review: Young Harts – Self Titled EP.

Young Harts recently released their new Self Titled EP. Hailing from Clermont Ferrand, France this band take members from bands such as  Like Wires, The Elderberries and Araban to create a band that purveys a great blend of Indie, Rock and Punk. You can listen to the EP in full now through Bandcamp here.

This band keep their tracks short, but they certainly deliver something great on this EP. I like how this band work crunchy riffs and big drum beats together and they do it well straight from the start. ‘Follow Me’ opens this record with some great energy and that continues throughout.  The riffs just bring a nice bounce to the record it needs.

‘Fool’ certainly shows what this band can do with a chorus, but that talent for hooks continues on this record on tracks such as ‘Not Shutting Down’, where the band really pull you in with an infectious chorus that makes this such a standout on this EP. Delivered with some raw vocals too, this band certainly has a lead that suits what they create perfectly.

A short but sweet record, Young Harts’ self titled is a great listen, the band really refining their sound and delivering a boisterous bundle of energy that live I bet sounds so good. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Fool’ and ‘Reassured’ that ends this EP brilliantly.  This is an exciting debut.



Review: The Crowning – Self Titled EP.

The Crowning released this week their self titled EP through Five Acre Records. The Pennsylvania melodic rock quartet formed in summer 2017 – and have already garnered thousands of listens, been featured in The Huffington Post, and received airplay throughout their home state. You can give a listen to She’s Running through The Crowning’s website here.

This band who make their presence known from the start. The Crowning bring in heavy riffs and big drum beats that really bring the energy to opening track She’s Running, and that energy runs through this record. These songs are polished and delivered with precision, these tracks leaving you wanting more.

With this band’s standard for melodies are the higher ones for this band’s way with words. Strong choruses and huge hooks abound on this EP, this band really pulling you in on these songs and delivered by such a good vocalist whose raw power partners well with this band’s incredible sound. For a debut release these tracks are impressive, and make for a hell of a listen.

The Crowning make a debut to be proud of on this EP with three tracks that certainly should make people pay attention with not a single weak track. I look forward to what’s to come from this band as their self titled shows they have show so much promise.


Review: Elsie & The Vibe – Self Titled EP.

Elsie & The Vibe release their self titled EP next month. Elsie started music at a young age, influenced by the strong vocals of Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. The singer-songwriter brings to light her most recent work under Elsie and The Vibe. You can listen to a track from the EP Riverside through Soundcloud here.

A stunning vocal that delivers on these tracks throughout. Riverside is a powerful display of Elsie’s voice on this record with soaring and driven vocals that power in to the chorus with real quality. Elsie’s tone suits the soul sound of the record and she delivers these songs with retro melodies that work, particularly on tracks such as Stop.

The melodies certainly are not the sounds that keep you standing still. Set to be danced to, Elsie & The Vibe create some huge Soul inspired melodies throughout this record, with dramatic sounds and big instrumentals that lift this record to life, particularly songs such as Take Me and the melody which Just Don’t has sounds so good, and the lyric ‘just don’t be a dick’ should always be sung like this.

Elsie & The Vibe’s self titled EP is a fun and energetic record that is well worth a listen if you like some great soul tracks. A tremendous voice delivers catchy lyrics and this band back her up very well. Highlights for me are Just Don’t and opening track Riverside, but this EP is well worth a listen.


Review: Yorkshire Rats – Self Titled EP.

Yorkshire Rats this week release their self titled EP through Northern Ruff Records. For fans of Social Distortion, Face To Face or Pennywise, this band have been around since 2004 and toured with CJ Ramone and Rancid and it makes sense as this band bring a mesh of SoCal Punk and 80s UK influences together.

Raw, grinding guitars get this EP started and continue throughout. Energising these tracks with perfect timing and frantic melodies that keep this record bouncing throughout with energy. The rough around the edges vibe on tracks such as Where Do I Sign? Make for a great listen, that SoCal vibe shining through on tracks like this.

Yorkshire Rats also match their skill with melodies to the ones they have at making some great choruses and big hooks that keep you pulled in on this EP. Better Days Will Come is a great example of this where the band create an anthem that deserves a big stage however this runs throughout the record, Alone Together is certainly a track that might get stuck in your head for a bit, and I don’t think you’ll mind.

A strong EP from the start, the band know what they want to make and it shows on this EP, and they make it incredibly well. Highlights for me on this record are Alone Together and Where Do I Sign? However this whole EP is well worth listening to if you like Punk done well.



Review: Holy Boy – Self Titled EP.

Holy Boy releases her self titled EP tomorrow. Recorded at Ben Hillier’s whose worked with The Horrors and Blur at The Pool Studios in London last year and mixed by the acclaimed producer, Holy Boy brings some incredible tracks together on her debut EP. You can listen to highlight from the EP, Deep Sky through YouTube here.

Conjuring a mood that races through the EP, Holy Boy certainly uses different instruments and synth sounds to creat melodies throughout this record particularly on tracks such as Lay Your Hands. Whereas tracks such as Deep Sky stand out on this EP, the melodies are simple but they are impressive, working with her vocal incredibly well, accentuating it perfectly.

Jaeger’s voice is stirring throughout her self titled. Sometimes used in the background of tracks – on Funeral her vocals are obscured by the melodies and the vocals blurring with the sound certainly makes for an interesting listen. Used in the fore, the way she uses her voice on these songs is unique and weave together perfectly on each track. Tracks such as For You highlight the tone of her voice and the emotional delivery of the words is an incredible listen.

Holy Boy delivers something practically divine. A great fusion of sounds and vocals, Holy Boy creates something completely her own, it’s intriguing and keeps you listening to the end. Highlights for me on this record are For You and Lay Your Hands, however if you like moody Electronica, this is the EP for you.