Review: We Are Castor – DOEP.

We Are Castor release their new album, DOEP independently this week. Norway based, self-proclaimed ‘genre-confused’ Producer (and sometimes band) We Are Castor have created a massive and incredibly diverse 20 track record with some of the most unique and inspiring production and arrangements, flipping genres left and right into a fusion of urban, rock, jazz and electronica.

Twenty songs pack this record and it runs a gamut of sounds, crafting different styles and sounds that work together well, creating electronica melodies on tracks such as Time which truly stand out. Everything works in harmony on tracks such as these and continue on Cash II where the unusual sounds come together for a sound bringing together some incredible global dimensions, the vocals harmonising beautifully on these songs.

We Are Castor work some incredible collaborations on this record, working with GAIA, Valeria and Adrian on a number of songs and they sound great, however songs such as La Baleine where the vocals are woven in the layers with sampling stands out too, the production on tracks such as this with the choral vocals too is astounding work and it makes for an unforgettable track. This followed by Tortoise is certainly a combination of songs that need to be heard – this album is a diverse range of sounds and it sounds so good.

Doep is a record that is distinctive in it’s indistinctiveness. A range of melodies and sounds, this album is certainly unique and has some great pop moments and huge choruses that really make for a great listen. Tracks that stand out to me on this record are Winds, a collaboration with GAIA that stands out, La Baleine has a charming melody that makes you pay attention and Rad’s melodies stand out too. There are twenty tracks but there a certainly gems in amongst this album and this review doesn’t do it justice, but give it a listen, it is captivating at its best.


Review: Infrared – Self Titled EP.

infraredCreators of Alternative Modern Rock, Infrared released their self titled EP back in January. Bringing modern melodies and 90’s rock together, the band hailing from Milan are led by Tania Tozzo, and led incredibly well if this EP is anything to go by. You can find out more about the band through their website here.

Bringing a fresh rock sound to their EP, the band bring together interesting melodies and harmonies that make for an incredible listen throughout. Tracks such as That Day really pull the best of what this band do together with cinematic, sweeping melodies that really work throughout this record and make for a really big sound on this EP. The riff in track, Wounded brings the songs to life.

Tozzo’s vocals are powerful throughout this record, her voice is strong and harmonises well with those raw guitar riffs this band create throughout this EP – her voice is perfect for rock music and it shows throughout this, but tracks like Once More certainly make it clearest. Once More has a huge hook and that runs throughout these songs, with big choruses and with the power of Tozzo’s vocals that combined with the music, it really works well together.

Though sometimes a little finesse is needed with the sound on this record, Infrared have a great sound that they have truly developed in to their own sound on their self titled and it works really well for the most part Рif you like band such as Halestorm, you might like this. Highlights for me on this record are Time and Wounded.