Review: Charly – Film Scores.

Film Scores is the latest release from Charly, a multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker and musician from France who you need to hear. An EP of three tracks, Film Scores is a great taste of what Charly can do musically and you can hear it in full now through Spotify here.

Using simple melodies and vocal layers on opening track ‘The Boy In The Mirror’, they weave on this track to brilliant effect, you can hear the emotion in the melodies and I think that’s such a rare quality to convey with so little different sounds.

This standard continues on second track ‘Open Road’ where Charly’s voice drifts dreamily with the growing sound and slow strum of guitars that make for such a nice sound on the track. Charly’s stunning high notes work with the sound as it blooms on the song and makes for a very chilled out listen that just keeps on giving, especially as the drums build almost so casually.

Wrapping up this EP is ‘Another Day, Another Life’ which is where we can take in Charly’s voice so much better. Her tone is rich on this song with a soft tone that works well with the melodies that she creates throughout this EP. These songs are great film scores, they are melodies that would work perfectly in a scene and would set a mood to perfection, Charly’s experience really shines on these tracks, making for a great listen.



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