Review: Castle Black – The Gods That Adored You.

Castle Black 'The Gods That Adored You' EP cover

Castle Black this week release their new EP ‘The Gods That Adored You’. For Fans Of bands such as The Dead Weather, L-7 or Sonic Youth, Castle Black create a sound of their own and that continues on this new record. You can give a listen to ‘Sierra’ from the EP now through Bandcamp here.

Infused with grungey moments, ‘The Gods That Adored You’ melodically draws on rough and ready riffs and drums that give the songs pops of energy that work so well together. Tracks like ‘River’ for example highlight this as the song bounces along and these sounds with the power of the vocals just work brilliantly on this record.

The vocals on this record in moments are delicate and then packed with fury. ‘A Cigarette, Saved’ is a good example of how this band use that range to the fullest using delicate tones and then combining the power with the big melodies on the track that make for one of the stand out tracks on the EP. The vocals deliver huge choruses on tracks such as ‘Linen’ that with these moody sounds, sound so good.

An EP that from the moment it begins highlights fantastic melodies and even better vocals, ‘The Gods That Adored You’ keeps giving until the very end of the record. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Linen’, ‘A Cigarette, Saved’ and ‘Man On A Train’ this track opening this EP in brilliant style.


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