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Review: Host Bodies – Diamondfruit EP.

Yesterday saw the release of the new and fantastic EP from, Host Bodies. A duo that create Electronica at it’s finest, Host Bodies prove this on their tecord as they delve into some fantastic sounds to bring something to bless your eardrums. You can give a listen to ‘Accept’ and their discography through Bandcamp now here.

A duo with an incredible knack for melodies, the two on their new record explore a range of sounds. With easy listening beats entwined with unique tones, this is a collection of music that is perfect to unwind to. Tracks such as ‘Wildcat Beach’ are perfect examples of this as the beat with the sound of the waves reaching the sand plays through the song, reminding you, you need a holiday.

Tracks such as ‘Orange Marble’ however bring a whole different vibe to the record. Dark and atmospheric, the band change the mood on tracks like this with oppressive tones that move the dynamic and make for an incredible listen. A sharper beat and gentle entwining melodies make this piece of music captivating and thought provoking as the two set scenes with their music in a way I’ve not heard before – you can almost feel the meaning of the sound.

An intriguing and brilliant collection of music, Diamondfruit makes clear that Host Bodies create music for themselves and share some incredible things. From delicate tones perfect for chilling to to darker tones perfect for late nights this is an all round record that should be part of your collection very very soon.

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